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The Green Fuse Camping Field

A beautifully sheltered field, surrounded by magnificent trees, where tall summer grasses separate the eight unique and generous pitches. Children can roam free, safe from traffic, noise and light-pollution; the quiet and dark will rest your soul and nothing but the light from your campfire will stop you from seeing the myriad stars.


Owl Pitch - Glamping

Our exclusive glamping pitch sleeps up to four people for those who like the comfort of real mattresses, in a gorgeous 5m bell-tent; you will be completely immersed in nature with peace and quiet and beautiful views. With a nice balance of sun and shade, you will have your own firepit and purpose 'en suite' handbuilt eco-toilet!


Red Kite Pitch

A lovely private and spacious pitch with extra-large fire-pit and an open view across the front field to the South. Plenty of sun here.



A private, sunny pitch with wide open view to the South,  bordered by great beech trees to the North.


Woodpecker  and Woodpigeon Pitches

These pitches are beautifully shady in the heat of the day, with half sun early and late; with their own fire pit they are sheltered by the four majestic beech trees on the South side of the field.


Badger Pitch

A South-facing, sunny pitch with trees on one side and long meadow grass surrounding it. A lovely, secluded pitch with its own firepit, completely surrounded by nature.



A lovely, open pitch, shaded in the evening and situated close to the fallen trunk of a great poplar tree that came down in Storm Arwen, last November.


Nuthatch Pitch

South-facing, and right next to the water supply, this pitch has its own firepit and is the closest to the amenities.

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